4 Tips to be a Wedding Reception Rockstar!

True or False?

The perfect wedding guest is the one that buys the bride and groom
the most expensive item on their registry...?


100% False!

Falser then a baseball record set
by Barry Bonds

If you are looking to be the Perfect Wedding Guest, then you must
do the following…




Disclaimer...It's not about YOU!

Before we get into the tips to be the Perfect Wedding Guest, please remember who the night is truly about.  The bride and groom.   Not only are they paying for your dinner,  your entertainment, and in many cases. your alcohol, but they are also celebrating their lifelong commitment.   That's no ordinary feat..and therefore it shouldn't be just an ordinary night.

A great way for you to honor their commitment, and quite honestly, to say “thank you” is by doing your part to help create an unforgettable evening.  This may push you in areas in which you were not ready to be pushed, but you will be better for it, and more importantly, their night will be better because of you!


Tip #1:  Dance Like Everyone's Watching

“I’m a horrible dancer....”

“I’ll be out there in a little bit..."

“No thanks, dancing’s not my thing...”


Listen you don’t need to have Beyonce skillz in order to make your dance floor presence known at a wedding.  In fact, sometimes the worst dancers are the ones having the most fun.

Do you have to be out there  for every song?  Of course not, but push yourself a little.  Dancing is infectious.  Once other guests see you out there, they are much more likely to get out their themselves.   Soon after that, ties are wrapped around foreheads, and grandma’s doing the worm.  All because you took a risk, pushed yourself a little, and stopped caring what people thought for a night.

Hint:   Rock Out with your…Air Instrument Out
Air instruments (doesn’t just have to be guitar) are a stellar choice for most songs.
I.E. There's a mad saxophone solo in  "Edge of Glory", by Lady Gaga

Tip #2. "Hi, My Name is..."

I know introducing yourself and talking to people you don't know may not be for everyone.  Even an extrovert like myself might get sweaty arm pits from talking to a random stranger.  And besides, why should you invest into a conversation with someone that you will most likely never see again?   Here’s why…

  • If you are close to the couple, there’s actually a decent chance that you will see that random stranger again. So if nothing else, do your future self a favor and get to know the people now.  Believe me it will be more awkward when you're standing by yourself at the b-day party for the couple’s 1-year old in the short future.
  • Remember, the night is about…the couple.  These people are obviously somewhat important to them, so it would be cool if you made the effort to make them important to you.

Hint:  Buy a drink

Easiest way to get a conversation going is to buy someone a beer/glass of wine/soda/ etc….  And do it early on into the night.  A $4 investment during social hour will pay great dividends later when you run into that person during the Cha Cha Slide.



Tip #3.  Hold your Liquor

Don’t be that guy (or gal)….

Remember the bride and groom want to remember
the love in the room...not you trying to make love to the bridesmaid.

Don’t be remembered as the creeper! Enough said.

Hint: Have a buddy

Have a “buddy” and make a deal with them that they can cut you off at anytime in the night, and vice versa.  Just make sure your “buddy” doesn’t have a history of being that guy (or gal) themselves. 


Tip #4.  Party till Six in the Mornin'!

There are so many excuses to leave early, all of which are valid in some way, shape, or form.  But what if everyone did that?  The party would be over before it could even get started.  Because the day is such a blur, the bride and groom will not remember everything, but I promise you, they’ll remember the people who stuck it out to the end and watched them dance their final song.

Hint:  Train your brain

If you tell yourself that will be there until the bitter end, then you’ll make it to the bitter end.  However, if you make it a game time decision, your brain will find numerous ways to convince you to go.  Make it official in your head and you will be one of the few remaining at the end of it all.


You are Now Equipped to be a Wedding Reception ROCKSTAR!

We could go on and on and on.  Point being, this is an epic night for 2 people that are most likely pretty close in your life.  The choices you make, whether it be to dance, talk to people you don’t know very well, or stay till the very end,  will have a direct impact on the overall feel of the night!  You have to ask yourself, what are the bride and groom going to remember more?  The pizza cutter you bought from their registry, or the fact that you rocked it at their wedding?

You know the answer to that.

What say you?  Please share your thoughts/insights/advice on this topic as well.   Looking forward to hearing them!

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