Jennifer Bondy and Luke Vreeland!

What's up friends!!

Wow!  Last night was a blast.

Thank you so much for dancing, drinking, jumping, laughing, and doing everything in your power to give Luke and Jen a night they will remember for the rest of their lives.

So many highlights!  Here's a few...

~Grandma Joanne's prayer
~Kevin's speech that he literally wrote on his hand
~ The Jerry O'Hagan band.
~ Kevin as guest drummer in the Jerry O'Hagan band
~Josh Thompson...the whole night.
~ The YMCA with Drew and Doreen
~Luke slow dancing to Kokomo with his mama
~ So many more... (in fact add yours by commenting below!)

 Also keep checking back as we will be adding pictures in the upcoming days.

Know someone getting married?  We would be eternally grateful if you would mention our name.

Got feedback? Let us know the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Congrats again Luke and Jen!

Joe Beckman and Scotty Kollmann
CPR's (Chief Party Rockers)
Open Bar Entertainment

7 responses to “Jennifer Bondy and Luke Vreeland!”

  1. Josh T (Groomsmen) says:

    Shake It Like a Saltshaker
    More than Words
    Any MJ from his Quincy Jones era

    • Joe Beckman says:

      More then Words? The More then Words that is track one (I believe) from Monster Ballads? Consider it done. In fact, we should play the entire Monster Ballads CD. From start to finish. Tears will be shed. Lives will be changed.

  2. Kevin Bondy says:

    Black and yellow should also be requested!

  3. Jennifer Bondy says:

    How about Black and Yellow every other song? And in between we can play Barry Manilow.

  4. What a wonderful weekend it has been! Thank you so much for DJ-ing last night! You guys did such a fantastic job! You didn’t just provide music… you provided atmosphere (not the band… haha… bad joke…). Truly, though, I had an awesome time and you guys definitely helped make the night what it was!

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