The Wedding of Mitch and Kim Bliven


Friday  July 20th~

Mitch and Kim Bliven

The Valley House, Hudson, Wisconsin

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  Open Bar Entertainment was honored to be a part of Mitch and Kim’s wedding reception!! We were at The Valley House in Hudson, WI, and after a beautiful ceremony and dinner the wedding party and their guests were ready to rock.  AND ROCK WE DID!    Here are a few highlights (but you need to add your own at the end of this!)


We started the night by introducing the wedding party and the parents of Mitch and Kim.  At the end of the night Scotty informed me that I read ALL of the couples in the wrong order!  OOPS.  Way to roll with the punches wedding party.

The other highlight was when Kim stumbled when trying to land her dramatic pose at the front of the stage.  But we won’t even mention that…wait we just did.  Ooops again.


We had two delivered at the reception.  One by Charolette, and the other by Nathan.  Nathan’s was hilarious as he rehashed the story of Mitch (as a kid)  telling Nathan’s mom that although he would like to dance with her at his wedding when he grew up he was certain she wouldn’t still be living at that point.


There is so many here…where do I even begin.   Ummm…Shelly the “Thriller Queen” for starters.  Trenton the mohawk master.   The wonderfully long lines for the dollar dance (all money going to Mitch and Kim’s honeymoon in Breezy Point).  Swing dancing mania.    So many more.   Share yours by commenting below.

All in all it was a wonderful night, and Scotty and I felt proud that we were able to help create a wedding reception that will be remembered for a long time to come.

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DVD of the Reception!!

If you are interested in having your own DVD of the reception including pictures, music, and video…you can purchase one for $20.  Let us know, and once it’s created, will ship it out to and you can send us a check or go through Paypal.    A great gift for parents, relatives, or anyone else who would like to relive the night for years to come.  

6 responses to “The Wedding of Mitch and Kim Bliven”

  1. Cody and Jennifer says:

    Hi Mitch and Kim! :-) Jenny would like to request the cupid shuffle.

  2. Mother of the Bride says:

    Open Bar entertainment was the best! Kim’s father and I cannot say enough good things about the night. EVERYONE said what a fantastic job you guys did. My brother in law wants to fly you guys to Florida for his neice’s wedding :) We’ll have to see about that!

    • Joe Beckman says:

      Thanks for the kind words Lisa! We absolutely should talk about getting down to FL!! Someone told me they lived in Orlando…same people or no? If so I could parlay it into a family vacation. Bottom line we would be open to the idea!

  3. Kim Bliven says:

    Perfect night and wedding…Still in a daze about it happening….But Open Bar was AMAZING! Cannot say enough about how good the service was :) Thank you!

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