Michael Beckman and Emily Wallin Dec. 29th, 2012

Hey everyone!  Thanks for checking out Mike and Emily's blog page.

What an awesome night!!!

Scotty and I, along with about 200 of Mike and Emily's family and friends had the honor of being part of an amazing night filled with love, energy, positivity, loyalty, and respect.

Truth be told, (for those who didn't know) Mike is my selfishly this was a very fun night for me.  It's been too long since Mike and I have connected and it was awesome to see the outstanding young man that he has become.  Mike you are dedicating your life to our country, you are following your dreams and passions, and you just one hell of a guy.  Proud to call you family.

Emily, you may have one of the biggest hearts of anyone I've ever met.  You too are dedicating your life to making our world better and living a life that serves others.   Thank you for all the goodness you have already given to our world.

All right...enough with he mushy stuff.   Here are some highlights from the night (please share yours too!)

The Kissing Couples

All of the couple who kissed were great, but my favorite had to be Nate and Brittney!


Cake Cutting

Mike cutting the cake with the amazing sword will be something I won't forget for a while



Mike wrapping the tie around his head to "I'm Too Sexy"

Emily and her family (and friends) surrounding her to "I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock n Roll"

YMCA...Connie, Lynette, Mike and Emily leading some of the sweetest dance moves this side of the Mississippi.


There's a lot more we could share, but we want to hear from you...what will you remember?




Engagement Story... (from their perspective)

How we got engaged

After spending the day paintballing with friends for Mike's Brithday we finished the day by going to dinner at the Rawls (our favorite date night resturant). As we finished up our dinner Mike asked me to take out 2 pennies so we could make a wish at the fountain outside the Rawls. While preparing to make my wish at the fountain Mike told me I had to share my wish once I tossed my penny and he would do the same.

....In my mind I was wishing he would propose soon...but not wanting to be overwhelming I wished he would do well during his month long SERE training. And with that he pulled out the ring, got down on one knee and wished that I would be his wife. And of course I said....YES!

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  1. Gina says:

    Hi everyone! It looks like this might be the first comment – I’ll try to get the ball rolling! I’ve known Emily since freshman year of high school – we were both band and Lancer kids, and our friendship has continued ever since, she even came to South Korea to come visit me last summer when I was teaching English over there! I consider her wonderful family as my family too, and I’m so excited to spend time with them over the next month now that I’m back in the States while we get ready for this wedding! I’ve only known Mike for a little while when I was home for the summer before I left – but from the time I’ve spent with him, I approve! I’m looking forward to hearing more about his experiences in Atlanta, and hopefully planning a visit to wherever the future Mr. and Mrs. Beckman end up living next year! So that’s me, I’ll be meeting all of you within a month – have a wonderful holiday season until then! Take care!

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