Meet Us | The Open Bar Peeps

In High School, girls used to look at us and say (in a snotty tone) “Who are you?” You may be asking yourself the same (with or without the snotty tone) Who are the DJ’s? You want answers? Here ya’ go!


DJ 1

JOE Beckman

DJ Supreme

With over 16 years of entertaining experience it is obvious to most that Joe was the 3rd of 3 kids. Besides numerous years in the DJ business, Joe has starred in national commercials, and has spoken to over 100,000 students and educators for the local non-profit Youth Frontiers. Joe has the ability to hang with the youngest kid at the reception and slow dance with the oldest Grandparent. Joe has two kiddos Sophia (5) and Finn (1) as well as the 2nd most beautiful wife in Minnesota, Jess. (obviously the bride reading this is #1).

DJ 2

Scott Kollmann

Dancer Deluxe

Scott loves to give people what they want and need…and the one thing all weddings need is “DANCING!” Dancing in front of people has been a part of Scott since the early days of his life. It all started during a dance recital in front of hundreds of people to the New Kids On The Block…eventually evolving to dancing in front of his entire high school to the Sugar Hill Gang’s hit “Jump on it.” You can imagine what that looked like. So it’s safe to say that no dance floor will be empty when Scott is around as he will get your guests on the dance floor all night long.

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