John and Jess Neumann April 6th, 2012


John and Jess Nuemann…what can we say about this couple?  Young, fun, and totally in love.  If you are unsure of that last one, become Facebook friends, see their interactions with each other, and you’ll be as convinced of it as I am.  One post said something to the effect that Jess was already missing John (who was out of town for work) and he had only been away for a few hours!   Hell, my wife does a jig when I have to go out of town.  She gets the whole bed to herself,  the toilet seat will remain down, and knows that the house is going to stay clean.

First Dance

Scotty and I were so pumped to be a part of this wedding reception.    A month or so before we sat down with them at Broadway Pizza and got to know Karen, Carol, Henry, Shanna, and of coure Marshall.  We walked out of that meeting knowing that it if we got booked, it was going to be a blast.   We did, and it was!

Scotty and I arrived at the Riverwood National Golf Course, and found the staff to be friendly and helpful.  Braden (I believe I got that right) the Bartender was extremely gracious, down to earth, and hospitable.   Chelsea, Linda, and the rest of the staff were as well.  We set up, assumed our positions, and watched as family and friends started arriving one by one.

Every wedding has it’s curveballs, and this was no exception.  I realized early on that it was going to be a long night for my voice.  Even during the first few announcements I could feel it going, and I knew that I was working on borrowed time.  Even though I sounded like a teenage boy in the throws of puberty, I pushed through, and everyone was gracious enough to not call me names (atleast not in front of my face)

                The second curveball was…ELVIS!


Yes, you heard me right…Elvis.  John and Jess officially got married a few months prior in Vegas and Carlo found a way to bring a little Sin City  to the reception in Monticello.   He sang 4 songs, had back up dancers, and stuck around long after for pictures, drinks, and dancing.   Elvis you were in the building, and you were a true rockstar!


The dance followed, and it was beyond fun.  The young, the old, and everyone in between were out of the floor, and by the end Jess and John’s closest friends stuck around and we brought the house down with some crowd favorites including Fishin’ in the Dark, Paradise by the Dashboard Light, and Party Rock Anthem.

Thank you Jess and John for allowing Open Bar Entertainment to be part of your night.  We wish you the best in this journey that is marriage.  May your love inspire peace and hope in this world.  Our hope is that when you are 80 years old, and your sitting on your rocking chairs, you can look back at this night and remember the highlights.    Here’s to a life full of love, happiness, and fulfillment.

~ Joe and Scotty

P.S.  If you’re reading this and you have a message to share to John and Jess, or if you want to share a highlight for you from the night, hit the “comment” box and reply.  John and Jess would love to hear from you!

P.S.S.  Scotty and I created a short DVD of the night (pics and video), and if you are interested in purchasing it for the price of $19.99  shoot us an e-mail at, and we’ll take care of it for you.


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