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Lily’s 50th Birthday!!!

WOW!  Lily’s 50th birthday party at Sweeny’s in St. Paul was a blast!   Beautiful venue, beautiful food, beautiful people!

  Here’s a woman who has been helping young people and their families for over 20 years!   We live in a day and age where the word “hero” gets thrown around pretty freely.   To me Lily is the embodiment of this word. People arrived early and stayed late!  Some highlights from the night (please add your own at the end of this post)


The People:

So it’s been said that you are the sum equal of the 3 people you surround yourself the most with.  Meaning…if you surround yourself with rockstars in your work, family, and daily life, then you can’t help but be a rockstar yourself.  Lily has some ROCKSTARS surrounding her.   A loving family, dedicated co-workers, and insanely fun neighbors.   Very cool.

The Dancing:

Honestly the dance floor was packed pretty much the entire night.

The Duet:

When Joe and Lily sang Islands in the Stream, I thought someone channeled Kenny and Dolly.   Magical.

The Surprise:

Lily nearly fell back down the stairs she was so surprised.  Check out the clip for yourself  by clicking here


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Thanks to everyone for coming out and being part of the night!  Please share your favorite moment with Lily by replying below!  She’ll  be happy you did!